The Maker空间

Encouraging Collaboration and 创造力

The Harvey Mudd maker空间 is an 8,000 sq. ft., student-run facility for providing access to tools, 资源, 空间, and storage to work on personal and academic projects for 7C students, faculty and staff. We are dedicated to making this a 空间 where everyone feels comfortable working on a variety of projects, from electronics to sewing or artistic endeavors. The maker空间 helps Harvey Mudd further its work toward fostering inclusive excellence on campus while also creating new educational and community engagement opportunities for the students and faculty of all 7Cs.

Located on the first floor of the Scott A. McGregor Computer Science Center at the corner of Platt and Dartmouth, the maker空间 is also connected to the Libra Complex just south of the machine and wood shops.


The maker空间 is officially closed for the remainder of the summer. Please check our Discord for updates about when we will be reopening in the fall.


Project Showcase


Artisan Keycaps

Ava, Jasmine, Paige, and Abigail created several artisan keycaps for their mechanical keyboards! These were created using clay and then coated with UV resin.


Lyra designed and hand-sewed a leather pouch to hold her resin-filled “potion vials” for her LARP costume!

Crochet Bears and Dragon

Eunice crocheted a bearded dragon for Vertebrate Anatomy professor! She also crocheted two bears wearing graduation caps and put them on keychains.

探索 the Space

The maker空间 contains an array of work, meeting and storage 空间s as well as offices and specialized equipment


Sponsorship Opportunities

Help Harvey Mudd finish the maker空间!

While the College has secured the required funding to complete construction of the McGregor Computer Science Center, there is still a need for maker空间 support. To learn more about opportunities for you to support the Harvey Mudd College maker空间, please contact:

Vice President for Advancement


Sprague Gallery calls for maker空间 work

Interested in having your maker空间 creations on display? 访问 打开电话 to learn more and apply!

Portrait of Matthew Spencer.

“The Maker空间 helps students collaborate across the 5Cs, blend technical work and liberal arts and find a home on campus. It’s a unique 空间 and community among the 5C’s, and I’m excited to work with the community to help it grow.”


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